Good Nutrition Is Always Possible


Maintaining good nutrition is one of the essential elements for preserving great health. Speaking from experience, it takes time and discipline. And you are rewarded with amazing results!

This is one of those areas where you really need to have strong reasons (aka – your WHY). Because without this reinforcement, you’ll find it difficult to maintain when obstacles occur. And you’ll slowly abandon the practice when your busy life gets in the way.

It’s one of those things that’s not hard to do. But it’s not exactly easy either. So don’t fall into the trap of…

Only doing it when

  • “it’s convenient”.
  • “others are around”.
  • “the mood strikes you”.

It needs to become a permanent mindset that we’re constantly striving for. RememberStrive for 95!

Like any habit, our efforts (or lack thereof) compound. And over time, produce an outcome that we either like or loathe.

And here’s the cool part… when you eliminate the noise and distractions, and take a closer look, the results we achieve are completely within our control.

So now that we’ve established that good nutrition is possible, let’s look at a ‘what if’ scenario that affects millions of people.

‘What if’ you experience frequent heartburn?

Although heartburn doesn’t have anything to do with your heart, some symptoms are similar to those of someone suffering a heart attack. So you should definitely seek medical help and see your doctor to rule out a heart issue and identify the actual cause.

Let’s assume that your heart is fine, and you are suffering from heartburn related symptoms. It could be caused by overeating, or the actual foods and beverages you’re consuming. But it could also be the result of a physical problem in your esophagus or stomach.

Which is another reason to see your doctor.

I am not a doctor, and respect those who are; along with the amazing things they do every day to advance medicine and save lives.


Sometimes busy doctors only treat symptoms and not the actual cause of the condition. And I’m a big fan of trying to fix whatever I can with nutrition and exercise.

Hey, I didn’t say that I’m always successful at it, but I usually try this route first because it’s within my control.

So in the spirit of trying, you may want to explore the possibilities of how better nutrition and exercise can help your heartburn.

I have included a few articles to help you get started:

And in full disclosure, heartburn isn’t something that I’ve ever had to deal with, fortunately. But I know many who have, and have seen some of the difficulties it has caused.

So I’m hoping this post may provide some help or guidance to finding a better solution than dealing with a life-sentence of having to take prescription medication for a potentially preventable condition.

Perhaps a few small tweaks can provide the necessary relief. Or help to completely eliminate your symptoms.

And wouldn’t that be cool?


Now, let’s shift into high-gear. I have been talking about another coaching program that I’m conducting.

I have designed this new “pilot” program to help you lose weight and get in shape in a proven and sustainable way. It’s based on small lifestyle changes that produce better health & vitality by focusing on healthy habits that get results.

I am looking for serious people who will commit to losing weight and getting into the best shape of their life.

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Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope you found value.

Now it’s time for YOU to take action…

What’s your Win to be Thin? Leave a comment below.

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