How’s Your Relationship… with Food?


Eating is one of the most common things we all do. And a significant part of our life. I would assert that it’s one of our most important relationships. Right up there with our immediate family.

I know, this sounds weird… to think we have such a bond with something so ordinary as food.

It’s not the bond we’re after though. I believe it’s the enjoyment and satisfaction we gain. And not solely for the taste, or fulfillment of curbing our hunger pangs; although that’s necessary too.

But for the discipline of consciously making healthier choices. And the responsibility we take for fueling our amazing body with the best possible nutrients for our long-term health & vitality.

This is where we can make a difference!

Last week, we discussed the importance of maintaining good nutrition. And to be mindful of when we are, and when we’re not, so we don’t fall into the trap of ONLY doing this when “the mood strikes us”, or when “it’s convenient”.

It’s not about perfection, but it definitely needs to become a permanent mindset that we’re consistently striving for.

So let me explain further.

Food is our only fuel source. It’s how we consume the calories our bodies need to survive and thrive. Our food consists of 3 main types of nutrients, called macronutrients.

If you haven’t heard this term, I know you’ve heard of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Well these are the main elements that make up our diet, and what are referred to as… that’s right, macronutrients.

Before we move on, I need to make a point about quality… because it matters bigtime!

Think about the quality of the air you breathe, or the quality of the water you drink? Or how about your profession? Think about the quality of the work you produce and how you perform in your chosen career every day. Okay, you get the point.

It matters bigtime! And I will get back to how and why the quality of our macronutrients matters SO much in a minute.

But first…

Let’s get a better understanding about our nutrition by going to the post Nutrition 101 in the archives. In it, I introduce a lot of the basics including eating clean, macronutrients, and calories.

So, I encourage you to take some time reviewing this post and the associated links within for a basic understanding.

You will learn that macronutrients are the main components of our diet, which perform vital functions for supplying our bodies with energy. Which is why I strongly believe that we need to have a real “purpose” for eating.

You will also discover in the “calorie math” section how each macronutrient contributes to the calories we consume, which just seem to keep adding up. And that’s okay if you avoid the highly processed stuff and focus on consuming higher quality macro’s.

I only skim the surface here, but it’s helpful and valuable information that hopefully influences you to want to learn more.

There’s a wealth of material here (in my humble opinion), and we’ll wrap it up here so you can start clicking and reading to get a better understanding about the importance of what you consume.

But before we go, I want to get back to my comment about quality.


It’s a pretty obvious statement. I think everyone associates higher quality with being better, and perhaps more valuable. But quality is not so clear to everyone when it comes to food choices.

Think about the

  • number of overweight people.
  • availability of poor food choices.
  • unhealthy menu options in restaurants.
  • prevalence of highly processed meals, and snacks.
  • volume of highly concentrated sugary beverages and supposed sports drinks.
  • number of diets, supplements, weight loss programs, and fat suppression gimmicks on the market.

And here’s one that really drives me nuts!

How about all the pharmaceutical advertisements which are disguised as solutions to countless ‘preventable’ illnesses. Conditions that have been caused by poor food choices, neglect, and laziness.

It’s absurd and reckless!

But we can’t view these realities as excuses. That would be irresponsible. We also can’t ignore them because that approach only leads to those nasty diseases that make you miserable and put you in an early grave.

You know… the ones “Big Pharma” is targeting because they know most people would rather take a pill than take the road less traveled and do what’s necessary. Even though the pill only masks the symptom and does nothing to get to the root of the problem.

So then, what can you do?

Although it’s not easy, I believe it’s as simple as 123

  1. Sign up for automatic updates to follow this blog weekly.
  2. Embrace the 3 tenets of The Health Triad to make healthier choices and build better habits.
  3. Start with one new healthy initiative… and stick with it consistently. One day at a time, for the rest of your life!

For example: Replace soda (and other sugary beverages) with 3 to 4 liters of water every day? (Work up to it in the beginning if it’s new to you). Or replace an hour of sitting in front of the TV every day with going for a power walk. Or how about giving yourself a great start to your day by making time every morning for a healthy breakfast, instead of calling coffee your breakfast, or skipping it altogether.

You see, it’s simple… if your desire is strong enough and you give it a chance. And avoid the quick-fix mentality at all cost.

Nutrition made simple...

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Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope you found value.

Now it’s time for YOU to take action…

What’s your Win to be Thin? Leave a comment below.

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One thought on “How’s Your Relationship… with Food?”

  1. Great information John! I can relate to the Pharma issues…hate being told I need to take pills in order to get the nutrients I need. How about the docs tell me to eat more of the items that produce the calcium or other vitamins they thing I am not getting instead of popping a pill. I am not one for taking pills even a multi vitamin is hard for me to take . I do try to take a multivitamin, however I feel I eat pretty well and I would hope I am getting the right amount of nutrients in my foods. The only supplement I do take is a nutritional shake mostly because it has lots of vitamins and tastes really good. So when I need a treat I make a shake with fresh fruit, water ice and the powder . I get the best of both worlds. Anyway Great information !!

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