Is Your Lifestyle Sustainable?


I talk openly about the sustainability of the health & wellness strategies I write about and teach.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only way to approach a long-term endeavor. Like your health & wellness initiative… involving nutrition, fitness, and sleep… for vitality and longevity.

But what do I mean by sustainable?

Well, let me start by defining what I don’t mean, or believe in.

  1. Rapid and quick fix weight loss techniques – including body cleanses, and extreme diets with unsafe calorie restrictions.
  2. Diet programs where you are required to buy special meals.
  3. Gimmicks like freezing fat cells, slimming belts and creams.
  4. Supplement subscriptions that claim to be “the solution”. Especially the ones that promote the “magic” weight loss pill that requires no activity or exercise.
  5. Restrictive “no-fat” or “no-carb” diets that exclude one of the essential macronutrients.

Okay, now that I’ve cleared the air, I’d like to share my view on sustainable strategies for getting into the best shape of your life.

And this includes losing excess weight for many reasons, but mainly to prevent disease so we can live longer. But also for the “feel-good” and “look-good” benefits that maintaining a healthy weight provides.


To me, sustainability involves…

  1. Great nutrition. Foods you can eat and meals we can prepare that include the highest quality nutrients. Whole foods with portions containing all 3 macronutrients in the “cleanest” possible fashion.
  2. Exercise we can maintain that benefits our body, mind, and overall outlook. We need to stress our muscles, cardiovascular system (heart), and respiratory system (lungs) with “prolonged” Something you may not actually “love”, but “like” enough to maintain for the long-term. And realize, this will evolve over time as we age.
  3. Adequate rest in the amount of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This allows us to recharge our physical and mental capacities, so we can be our absolute best.
  4. Mindfulness techniques to help us relax and reduce stress.
  5. Essentially, it all comes down to making healthier choices, which build healthy habits that promote sustainability. And sometimes, this includes short-term sacrifice for long-term gain.


Earlier this year I wrote about The 6 Pillars To Better Health & Vitality. This included 6 specific habits based on years of my own personal experience. The program took place over a 6-month period, and focused on one habit per month that continued to accumulate (or compound) as the 6 months progressed.

I also coached a small group of people directly throughout the entire 6 months to help reinforce the philosophy, concepts, and healthy habits I was promoting.

Overall, it was a very successful program. There were however, noteworthy successes and failures. It’s interesting to note that those who took the program serious and participated, over-achieved their goals and succeeded. And those who didn’t, didn’t.

So, what’s next…


Recently I mentioned that I’m conducting another program.

I have designed this new “pilot” program to help you lose weight and get in shape in a very similar proven and sustainable way. It too is based on small lifestyle changes that produce better health & vitality by focusing on healthy habits that get results.

I am looking for 5 serious people who will commit to losing weight and getting into the best shape of their life.

Get on the waiting list by signing up to see if you qualify here.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope you found value.

Now it’s time for YOU to take action…

What’s your Win to be Thin? Leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Lifestyle Sustainable?”

  1. Hi John,
    Your consistent emails have Lynn and i both headed to the Youfit gym today! Thanks for all the encouragement and coaching!
    Hope to see you soon.


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